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Jan. 28th, 2008 | 10:51 am
posted by: __dayoldhate in sonotpunk

....is it just me, or does it look like Assley is injured.... AGAIN?!

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Dec. 19th, 2007 | 03:30 am
posted by: mrsxsxmichaels in sonotpunk

 so much for the skank 'training'.
she botched getting onto the second rope ... pathetic.

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She's Back!

Jan. 7th, 2008 | 10:15 pm
mood: pissed offpissed off
music: WWE Raw
posted by: wwfanz in sonotpunk

Possible Raw Spoilers...Collapse )

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Jul. 6th, 2007 | 10:03 am
posted by: mickiefanx0 in sonotpunk

Hey everyone. I'm SNP's newest member,Annie.

I've hated Assley since the day she won the Diva Search. She pisses me off so much! She is,actually,"so not punk",her push is extremley unnecessary,and she's in Playboy. How does being in Playboy make you the face of the Divas? Puh-lease! She has a grand total of 3 moves! And I'd be happy to pull those stupid black extensions out of her hair and then make her put them back in for the purpose of doing it again! I hate Assley Massaro!

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the site

Jun. 24th, 2007 | 05:01 pm
posted by: sherrirussell in sonotpunk

the owners took it down.
i wanted to add them to myspace but when i went to their website it was gone, now i can't remember their myspace.
did you find that image on their website? i haven't seen it before.
hope someonemakes anohter site

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Jun. 9th, 2007 | 10:55 pm
mood: irritatedirritated
posted by: roxxy1984 in sonotpunk

My momma always told me: When you think nothing worse can happen...something always does ! 

Well, this won't be an exception to the rule ! Looks like Miss Massaro is leaving our TV...to invade us a full hour a week this fall. Yes, she will be on another reality show, where getting naked will be a common thing...coz on a deserted island where it's burning hot: WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO DO ! 

- We're probably not going to be seeing Ashley Massaro on WWE programming for quite a while. A fan met up with Paul London a few days ago and he said that Ashley was being written out of the storylines because she's temporarily leaving the company to be a contestant on the Survivor reality show on CBS. 

Here are details of the fan's chance meeting with Paul London: 

A few weeks ago, I ran into Paul London in the airport and we were chatting it up about the biz. He was telling me about the moves that Vince had banned him from doing, cruiserweight division, etc. He seemed like a cool guy. Turns out he lives in Austin and we fly in/out of the same airport. I ran into him a couple days ago and was complimenting him on his three way tag match last week. 

We chatted again for a while, and I was talking about him and Kendrick being a great team. When I asked if he liked working with Ashley, he said they wrote her out of the storylines because she's leaving to do Survivor. Yeah, the Survivor reality show! How do you think she'll do on there? She's already so skinny, I can't see her barely eating any less. Has there ever been a contracted WWE talent on a reality show? It's the first one I can think of. Anyways, thought I'd share this news. Hopefully I'll run into Paul again, he's a really nice guy. - Jimmy Boy


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Oh happy days!

Jun. 9th, 2007 | 12:28 am
mood: ecstaticecstatic
posted by: isistiya in sonotpunk

Tonight, even if she was on screen, it was worth watching ! Such a happy, good and priceless moment it was. Even if it was filled with bad acting...

If you missed itCollapse )

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A style thief?

Jun. 6th, 2007 | 09:38 pm
posted by: isistiya in sonotpunk

I found this a while ago on her MySpace, in between the many "The voices in my head tell me to kill you", and it made me laugh. The person who did this became my idol, kinda.

So I thought it would be relevant to post it here.

Credit to the person (Jade) who made this animation.

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(no subject)

May. 27th, 2007 | 04:39 am
posted by: atariprincess_x in sonotpunk

This is possibly the greatest idea for a community - ever. Congrats to the owner.

So, Ashley completely sucks. I've hated her from the day she joined the company, and I will not be happy until she leaves it. It's the useless Divas like her who are ruining the Women's Division. Because of stupid bimbos like her, they're neglecting Victoria, and Jillian (who can actually wrestle - but is stuck with another ridiculous gimmick)

I hope Melina stays champ for a while.

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i just wanted to share this.....

May. 19th, 2007 | 10:13 pm
posted by: dancieleigh in sonotpunk

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